Friday, June 1, 2012

My Jeepney Moment

I have been riding the jeepney for most of my life and I have been bugged by one question:  "What is the basis of measuring the capacity of a jeepney?"

I'm a big guy and being so I take up a huge part of the sitting space.  If I sit up front---no one else would be comfortable sitting beside me, that is, unless it is his trip to have half his body dangling outside of the jeepney!  Jeepnies picking up passengers at a terminal will not leave unless they are filled up.  This is where you hear barkers saying "waluhan" or "sampuan".  Where the heck did they get these numbers?!  I understand the need to earn a living but doing so at the discomfort of the riding public is despicable---especially when you loaded up a bunch of oversize people like myself!

No, I don't rant my mind whenever I get confronted with this situation.  I just make sure that I get on early so I wouldn't have to squeeze myself on the last available seat.  After all, those who don't have money---take the jeepney!

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