Friday, July 29, 2011

A Taste of Venice, The VC Way

A tip from Victoria Court Marketing Officer, Ms. April Escover, about the Groupon promo gave me a 50% off for a suite room with jacuzzi.  I was thinking of booking the Divine Room, which upon looking at the online picturse gave me a feeling of heaven (where I intended to go-wink! wink!).   But leave it to Ms. Escover to get this deal to a whole new level.  She suggested that I get the Venice room for an add on of 2k.  At first I was adamant of shelling out additional dough but knowing Ms. Escover, I know that the suggestion was something to look forward to. 

The Venice Room is one of the party rooms of VC.  A regular 12 hour stay is at Php 9,200.  That was a steal in itself!  But as soon as my wife and I stepped into the room did it dawn on me that it was one sweet deal!  If you've seen the Venice room pictures and found it classy, being there personally will blow your mind away!  It was like you stepped into another world!  The room was spacious.  The jacuzzi was like a mini pool and we had our own videoke system! 

If you're looking at romance, how about rose petals strewn all over the room?  I do believe I got myself a couple of pogi points with my wife with that add on!  Wait!  There's more!  Normally, an extension would cost around Php 1,500 an hour but with the Groupon voucher an add on premium of Php 1,200 will give you an additional 12 hours!  Now how's that for a great deal?!

Needless to say, me and my wife had a grand time!

Click here to go to the Groupon Page

Monday, July 11, 2011

All Rise!

There's really nothing quite like seeing a beautiful babe in a bikini to liven up your morning!  Man, like a 4 shot caffeine jolt, I was wide eyed awake to my senses!  Now this is the real reason why I'm religiously  following the TV series Chuck

Gentlemen, let us all rise to greet Miss Yvonne Strahovski!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sons of Guns

Other than cars and beautiful women, I also love GUNS!  Naturally, it was a given that the new reality show Sons of Guns caught my attention and I was instantly glued!

The show chronicles the daily business of Will Hayden and his Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rougue, Louisiana.  Red Jacket is a custom gun shop who has established itself as a major resouce for AK47 enthusiasts.  Their expertise in this type of assault firearm platform comes to fore in episode 6 when they incorporated a suppressor system in an AK47---something that was deemed impossible until Red Jacket made it a reality.  They are innovators in the field of gun restoration/modification may it be old or new.  They've put to life an 1800's cannon, a World War 2 flame thrower and bazooka, and even gave the classic Tommy Gun it's modern look.

Their motto, "if you can dream it, we can build it".

For a crew of 7, Red Jacket is one productive unit!
Stephanie Hayden - Will's daughter and office manager. 
Vincent "Vince" Buckles - Head Gunsmith/Shop Manager
Kris Ford - Shop Apprentice/Builder
Joseph "Joe" Meaux - Gunsmith/Technical Expert/Business Manager/Webmaster
Charlie Watson - Forensic Firearms Expert/Consultant/Marketing Manager
Glenn "Flem" Flemming - Welder/Gunsmith
Christopher Michael "Mikey" Wallace - Shop Mechanic/Sanitation

Can't wait for Season 2 to air this July!

Monday, July 4, 2011

TV Series to Watch: Combat Hospital

It's M.A.S.H. in Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2006 but without the black comedy. 

The story line evolves around the life and work of the doctors and nurses of a Role 3 multinational medical facility in the southern part of war torn Afghanistan.  It gives the viewers a glimpse of how is it to be in a war zone and how it bridges the gap between nations joined hand in hand in healing enemies, allies, and civilians treated depending on their medical needs.  It also shows the heroism of the men and women of the medical corp as they defy the odds in order to save lives. 

Noteable cast members are Elias Koteas who plays Canadian Coronel Xavier Marks, the boss-man of the hospital.  He is strict and no nonsense but is fair and just in his treatment of his subordinates. Luke Mably as British civilian neurosurgeon Dr. Simon Hill, his brillian surgical skills makes him think that he is God's gift to mankind (not to mention womenkind).  Suave and silky smooth with women.  The resident lady's man.    Terry Chen as American Captain Bobby Trang the trauma team leader.  He was put on the spot by Coronel Marks and tasked him to be the trauma team leader on his first day.  Did not do a first impression but he has since shown his worth in succeding events of a very busy first day.   And, the biggest reason I got myself hooked in this series is because of Michelle Borth who plays Canadian surgeon Major Rebecca Gordon.  I adore Kate Beckinsale and Michelle is a deadringer!  But there's no turning your eyes off a woman in uniform---the ultimate turn on!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Of Mosquito Bite and Baygon Katol Inhallation

I really wanted to sleep already but after an extended exposure to Baygon Katol fumes gave me a splitting headache.  Splitting because it seems to be concentrated at the upper left side of my face.  That and the fact that I smelled like Katol fume made it even worse! 

For me, Katol is an effective way to get away from mosquito bite mainly because the smell would usually drive me away from where the pesky insects are---which happens to be at our veranda where I usually set up my laptop on weekends.  I just couln't stand the smell of it!  However, I was at the middle of a blog that time and did not want to ruin the momentum by bailing out; so, I endured the smoke and now I'm awake with a headache writing another blog about it at 3am! 

Gosh!  I've already bathed to get the smell off me but why is it that I can still having a sniff of the gadawful stench!?  I think I need to scrub my nose as well...

Homecoming Planning or the Lack Thereof and Other Stuff

I was in a meeting...well, it was suppose to be a group planning of an alumni homecoming but the turn out was...let's just say we just bonded over lunch and coffee.  We did start out discussing the latest updates of the homecoming but as soon as the issue of funding came up everything else led  to a big question mark.  Can't really move without money.  Can't make bookings and reservations without a downpayment, right?  Ah, well...the next two weeks will decide the fate of this endeavor.  The positive thing about the "meeting" was that AT LEAST SOMEONE CAME; otherwise, it would have been a very lonely meeting for me.

After finishing off the pork sisig and tapang bulalo at Gerry's Grill (near ABS-CBN) I was resigned to the fact that no one else will be coming to attend the meeting.  So it was bonding time for me and my friend Nahnel over coffee at the nearby Starbucks shop.  Actually, coffee was just secondary to crossing over the coffee shop at the ABS-CBN compound.  We were actually hoping to spot a TV personality or two in the vicinity---no such luck though.  A couple of good looking gals did pass by but that was as far as we got on that enterprise.  While waiting for that elusive celebrity moment we had the chance to talk about the latest happenings in our lives---work, family, and anything else in between.  What struck a nerve though was the issue on teenage pregnancy.  Well, at least the almost happening of it. 

I have written about this topic a couple of blogs ago as my greatest fear in life.  I should know---I was in that very same situation when I was young (I was 21 and my then girlfriend, who became my wife, was 19).  One thing going for me was that I was seriously in love with my wife and as soon as the gravity of the situation sunk in and realized that it was not just a nightmare, I was determined to face the responsibility.  Unfortunately, pre-marital sex nowadays is an accepted fact among young adults that it has lost its significance in terms of responsible practice.  We parents are to blame for this.  The value of a responsible sex life is something that parents need to imbibe in their children.  Of course, the best contraceptive will always be ABSTINENCE.  Unfortunately, once the libido comes into hyper-drive it's like stopping a boulder running down hill.  So here are my tips to all you young adults out there:

     1.  If you're not the luckiest guy/girl in the world---DON'T DO IT.  Let me quantify what I mean by
          luck here.  Consider yourself lucky IF (a) your parents are filthy rich and are longing to have
          grandchildren; (b) both you and your partner's parents will happily accept this incident, and (c) you are certain that your partner's parents will not have the impulse to chop you to pieces or hire someone
          to abduct you, torture you, and then feed you to the fishes.
     2.  If you have this itching feeling in your mid-section---it's better to scratch it yourself.  It is self
          gratifying, safe, and it's over and done with in less than 5 minutes.
     3.  Don't put yourself in the position of NO RETURN.  And when is this?  That's when you're both
          stripped down to your naked glory and...darn it!  If you're not a saint---RUN and for heaven's sake don't look back! (remember what happened to Lot's wife?)
     4.  Study, work, and play daddy/mommy IS NOT EASY.  If you can't hack this---ZIP IT!
     5.  Fifteen minutes of ecstacy cannot compensate for a lifelong of misery.  Laging tandaan---WALANG NAGSISISI SA UNA, LAGING SA HULI!

And that's the bottomline!  I rest my case.