Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris-Bond Girls of Skyfall

Bond movies will not be the same without the signature poster girl!   From Ursula Andress' (who can forget that iconic bathing suit!), Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore---the name says it all!), Barbara Carrera, Sophie Marceau, Haley Berry, Teri Hatcher and Rosamund Pike, may it be villainesses or damsels in distress, these ladies made the James Bond movies a come on by themselves!  They are testosterone magnets like car show girls!

Skyfall is the latest Bond movie and features Naomie Harris and French actress Berenice Marlohe. 

Naomie Harris is the new version of Ms. Moneypenny which is quite a radical change considering that M's secretary was previously played by white actresses.  Actually, Ms. Moneypenny wasn't really considered as a Bond girl since Agent 007 doesn't get in the sheets with her but in Skyfall this notion was broken.

Naomie Harris during Skyfall's premiere showing.

Berenice Marlohe plays the role of Severine who is the antagonist's girl Friday.  Too bad things doesn't end well here in this movie.  She does look good in the shower though! Sorry, no exposure there to remember her by but here are her Maxim layout for posterity's sake.

Skyfall: Movie Review

I grew up watching Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan play James Bond so when Daniel Craig took over the role of Agent 007, I kind of lost interest since in my perspective---he did not fit MY character of James Bond.  Needless to say, I did not watch the Bond films when Daniel Craig took over...until Skyfall.

Coming back home to Manila after our Boracay sojourn, my wife and I went straight to SM Megamall for lunch.  It was an early flight and we again found ourselves "bitin" in our escapade that we decided to watch a movie (luggage and all) and our toss up ended up with Skyfall.  I have seen the preview of the film and it looked interesting enough.

As the head of the British Secret Service, "M", has been called upon to make critical operational decisions.  At the beginning of the film she authorizes Agent Eve Moneypenny to take a shot while James Bond is tangling with a villain on top of a train to get back the NATO intelligence' "black box" containing the list of agents on the field.  Moneypenny tells M that there is a chance that she might hit James Bond but M repeats the order to shoot which leads to Bond being hit and apparently killed.  Bond surprisingly survives this and lives up to his death in a secluded community until an attack was made on the headquarters of British Intelligence where six agents were killed.  The twist of the film's story comes from a similar scenario with another agent, Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), who endures torture and imprisonment in the hands of his Chinese captors but unlike Bond, blames "M" for his ordeal and is now seeking retribution for her action.  Bond and M takes refuge in Skyfall, James Bond's family estate, and where the film reached its climax with the death of the former.

This film seems to be gearing towards re-introducing some of the characters for the next James Bond movies which will be a two part installment.  Both Miss Moneypenny and Q's character have not been visible since Daniel Craig became Bond.  In this movie, Miss Moneypenny happens to be a field agent before getting the desk job as M's secretary (not to mention that she's portrayed by Naomie Harris who happens to be black) and Q is portrayed as a young genius which was a complete make over of the former Qs more mature stature.  It also introduces the new "M" as portrayed by Ralph's  Fiennes' character Gareth Mallory.  It is also surprising to note that James Bond does not have a new ride for this film but goes back to the vintage Aston Martin DB5 which was the very first Q-designed Bond car used in Goldfinger.

As I mentioned earlier, my dislike of Daniel Craig as James Bond stems from the imprinted Agent 007 persona that I grew up with.  It is only now that I realized that the selection of Daniel Craig may have been a move by the producers to go back to the mold of Sean Connery but with more brawn.  I guess that would mean that I need to watch the last two Daniel Craig versions to catch up on things!

For all you action film junkies---Skyfall is a must watch!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can't Get Over Boracay

I have been to Boracay...five times already but I just can't get over this place!  Since 2010, my wife and I has made this island paradise our yearly R and R (rest and recreation) destination.  

Being a photography buff, the beach alone offers a plethora of  photo opportunities!  You can capture the sun rise and fall in glorious majesty; capture the "paraws" at full mast as they knife through the water or as they lay static on the beach front; and snap photos of the many beach characters abound from the fire dancers, the henna artists, the activity hawkers, the massage specialist, to the Korean tourists who seemingly compose the majority of the tourist population! 

Photography aside, the island offers a variety of activities without much worry as how to get there.  Everything is transacted on the beach front:  water activities such as "paraw" sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, para-sailing, cliff diving; and, land activities like motorbiking, ATV or buggy car trekking, mountain biking, and horse back riding.

Now if you go hungry after all the activities, food establishments line up the beach front to cater to your gastronomical desires!  They offer international cuisines that suit your liking.  Rest assured, you will not go hungry in this place if you have the dough to spend.  If you're on a budget, you can attend the numerous hotel offers of buffet lunch or dinner by enduring 1 1/2 hour presentation.  Not a bad deal, eh?

If you think Boracay wanes to a halt by sunset---guess again!  When the beach activity closes, the night parties begin!   The island is abound with bars and clubs that would definitely satisfy the party goer!  Basically, the island never sleeps! just can't get enough of this place! 

Pauline Prieto's Rogue November 2012 Lay Out

Pauline Prieto was the Philippines' bet in the prestigious Elite Model Look Competition held in Shanghai, China in 2010.  She may not have entered the top 15 but she has definitely entered the consciousness of the male population (and I'm sure it's not limited to Pinoys!).

Check out her layout in the November 2012 issue of Rogue Magazine.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why The Houston Texans are Fun to Watch

JJ Watts continue to get his sack streak going after 7 games to lead the NFL this season with 9.5.  The Texans are on top of AFC with a 6-1 record---which happens to be the best start they've had in ten years.

But that's not only the reason why Houston and the other NFL fans are watching the Texans.  I just saw the pictures of their cheerleaders and they do have a lot of pretty ladies there!  Check out the NFL pictures of one of them named Morgan or Moe...

This is the money shot here!
 The rest of 'em ladies below...

Dale Go Meris: Car Show Favorite

I go to car shows whenever there's one in the Metro.  It has been a hobby of mine to take pictures of cars.  Ok, ok---I like taking pictures of the car show girls!  Anyway, it has been the same old set of ladies for the past couple of months until a couple of new faces came out.  And out of the new faces my favorite would be Dale Go Meris!  Well, at least that's what the moderator of her Facebook Fan Page says.  There is another Facebook account which I was fortunate enough to be added as friend and it seems like it's not moderator managed.  Thanks for the "add" Allendale Ogalesco Meris aka Daleycremme O. Meris!

Anyway, my first pictures of Ms. Meris was during the Hot Import Nights last March of this year and ever since that day she has been in the cross hairs of my camera every time there is an auto event.  

She has got a very pretty face and a well endowed body.  I think if Abby Poblador and Misa Campo made out--- Ms. Meris would be their offspring!

Hot Imports Night-March 2012

MIAS-March 2012

Transport Show-April 2012

PIMS-August 2012

AutoMax-September 2012