Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Avengers Movie: Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson got the part of Black Widow in the movie rendition which we first saw in Iron Man 2 and now in the upcoming Avengers Movie.

The role sure fit her to the T---including that skin-tight costume!  I'm sure many of you has been imagining what's underneath all that fiber.  Well, fret no more!  Here's the latest sighting of Ms. Johansson in a two piece bikini!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life Lessons from the Philippine Dragon Boat Team

I had the fortunate pleasure of hearing the Philippine Dragon Boat Team share their story of success during our corporate convention yesterday.  It was truly an inspiring account of perseverance and determination amidst seemingly insurmountable odds.  

Prior to winning the 2011 gold medal and setting world records for the small boat events that they won (total of 5 golds and 2 silvers), the team won the standard boat category in 2007 and 2009 of the biennial competition.  However, the chance for the team to defend this title was blown when the Philippine Olympic Committee and the Philippine Sports Commission withdrew its support.  With no budget and no equipment, it was sheer miracle that the team  got a 12-man contingent to participate.  They did not even have their travel documents ready barely a week before the event.  According to the Dragon Warriors Coach Annabelle Tario, “With obstacle, you’re fired up to do better, to excel, to prove others wrong, and to tell people to trust Filipino athletes."  This epitomizes the resolve that the Dragon Warriors have in achieving their goals.  

Many of us quit the moment problems arises.  We're so encapsulated in our own comfort zones that it compromises our potential to succeed.  But as what we have learned with the Dragon Warriors' success story it is not enough that you have the dream.  It is important that that the dreamer has the HEART to succeed.  To do what needs to be done to achieve the goal, always at a ready to face adversity as a necessary obstacle to overcome and make you better.  But then, success does not stop there.  Success is remaining on top.  Winning after all is not a one time deal.  It is getting ahead of the competition and beating them every time.

The Dragon Warriors were at a big disadvantage when they competed in Florida.  They had no equipment. The paddles they used were junior size courtesy of the US team, they ate whatever their Filipino supporters provided and they were faced by a much bigger and stronger players.  But whatever they lacked in terms of equipment, size, and heft they made up for their overwhelming determination to WIN!  And they did win---in RECORD BREAKING STYLE!

Anything is possible if you put your mind into it.          

Friday, February 17, 2012

JinHuau J-93 Springer Pistol Review

I like guns.  Unfortunately, real ones costs a lot and you must be at a shooting range to fire it.  So I go for the next best thing---airsoft or BB guns!

I know animal rights activists will crucify me for saying this but I use stray cats for target practice.  Not those lazily walking down the street but those who are making a love nest of roof.  Annoying bunch they are!

I bought a 1911A1 springer a couple of years back but it had a short range.  I have since bought an M14 rifle which not only gave me the range but also automatic fire!  The problem is that it's too damn heavy to carry and by the time I have it ready to shoot---the pesky rascals have already gotten their way.

M14 (How I wish mine was dressed up like this!)
So when I got a chance to drop by Vincent's Hobby Shop at St. Francis Square last Saturday I was keen on getting me a springer pistol with an attitude.  Welcome the J-93 springer pistol.  It's made of zinc alloy so it's kinda heavy which makes it more realistic. 

The one I bought was on sale and cost P428.  Not bad.  Since I was short on cash that time I decided to pay using a credit card.  Sad thing is the establishment had a 3.5% interest for card transaction which upped the price to P577.  Hmmm...isn't this against a Consumer Act?  Attention DTI!  Anyway, it was China made under JinHuau Toys.

The sales lady informed me not to cock the gun with the safety on and I was careful not to; but the safety is loose and it locks without you knowing it.  So make sure you check the safety first before charging the gun.  There's also something wrong with the chambering system.  The magazine can carry a full load of 12 pellets but doing so will clog the gun.  Load only 3 pellets for proper chambering.  Sucks I know!  

But the real disappointment was that the gun trigger gave way after three days and I had to return it to the shop for a possible repair or replacement.  After consulting their supplier the sales lady told me that they will just replace the gun with a new one.  Apparently repairing this gun is not possible (I also overheard that this gun had quite a history of returns).  In other words---DISPOSABLE!  They also told me that that will be the last time that they will entertain a complaint and took my receipt for assurance.  Now I'm just praying that it does not retire on me early!

So if you do see this gun on sale in a hobby shot anywhere---DON'T BUY IT!  

I suggest you permanently glue the safety to prevent from accidentally
charging the gun forcefully with the lock engaged and damage the trigger.

Loading can be a bitch doing it one by one.  The magazine
can carry a maximum of 12 pellets but I don't recommend
that you fully load it; otherwise it will not chamber properly.
Limit to 3 pellet load only.

Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Wash a Shirt by Solenn Heussaff

I'm rather dubious about the output of her washing process but I wouldn't mind watching her do this again and again and again and at the bottom.   Enjoy!

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine’s and flowers, as dictated by our culture, go together.  Well, I’m not a flower guy.  Not now.  Not before.  The only time that I gave flowers to my wife on Valentine’s Day was ages ago when I was still courting her.  I think I bought her a P10 flower at a church near the place where we both worked.  Taghirap e! 

Normally I would opt to buy her something that she can keep to remember the occasion by---a card, a Papemelroti figurine, and if I have the time but no money, a poem.  Once I bought her a giant Kisses chocolate that gave her a toothache (I guess that would also count as something to remember the occasion with.) 

Flowers wilt and die.  No recall if you’re going to give this as a gift on a yearly basis.  The “WOW” effect would last only as long as the flowers are still fresh.  After that you’re back to square one. 

 Well, my wife is a romantic.  Though I have already told her my reason for not giving her flowers wants to satisfy her romantic needs on Valentine’s Day.  To satisfy me she said she does not want fresh flowers.  Plastic will do fine.

Plastic flowers?  Hmmm…never thought of that.  I guess its being PLASTIC connotes negativity in terms of intent but that’s just me overanalyzing.  Since I’m all for my wife’s happiness on this special day I gave in to her wishes.  Actually, she only asked for one but where’s the romance in that?  So, I got her three and then some.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweety!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre-Valentines Celebration @ Richmonde Hotel

I don't like crowds---which is why I plan my Valentines celebration with my wife before the 14th.  Since I don't want to celebrate with a work day the following day, that left me with February 10 (Friday) and February 11 (Saturday).  Hmmm...Saturday is plantsa day---so Friday it is!

I began planning the morning of Friday on my bus ride to work.  Needless to say, it was a sleepless bus ride as I wracked my still lethargic brain for an epiphany of a plan.  Victoria Court came to mind but that would mean staying in at the hotel with not much to do.  When the bus arrived at my stop at SM Mega Mall there came my epiphany!  Standing tall from my vantage point at the Edsa footbridge was the Richmonde Hotel!  Dinner and a movie is but a walking distance between two malls (Shangri-la and SM Mega Mall) and a side trip to St. Francis Square for some "tiangge time" would be a welcome opportunity.  After a confirmation of a discount it was time to call the wife to make preparations for our 2012 Valentine's get away!

We were booked in the 15th floor and the view was amazing!  I got a Junior Suite and it was spacious enough to do a running swan dive on the bed!  It also had a 32 inch LCD TV.  Unfortunately, it had limited cable channels to scan through.

I wish my swan dive was as graceful as that of Lara Croft's.
I'm usually picky about the hotels I stay in.  I take my time to make sure that the bathroom had hot/cold water shower, an extra large bathtub (or a jacuzzi if budget permits) cable and buffet breakfast.  Unfortunately, time is something that I did not have when I planned for this tryst.  Aside from the bathtub too short to fit my 5"11 frame, the toilet did not have a bidet, and the breakfast buffet selection did not suit my fancy.  Oh well, you can't win them all I guess.  Nonetheless, I do believe I was able to make another wonderful Valentine's day celebration with my wife---and that's the bottomline!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Rogue January-February Cover Girl: KC Concepcion

When my Facebook friends started posting pictures of KC Concepcion's Rogue cover my very first thought was that it was spam.  Well, we all know KC as the picture of demureness of General Patronage viewing so seeing the picture had me in a state of denial.  But the "spam" kept coming and eventually it was trending worldwide on Twitter!  

KC is not new to Rogue.  She graced the cover of Rogue once before in February 2008 but not as daring as this one.

In her interview with Boy Abunda she said that her decision to do the magazine spread was her "healing".  

Darn Piolo!  But then we do learn from our mistakes.  I just hope she rises above this a better person.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anne Curtis' "Annebiyosa No Other Concert"

When I first saw the promo materials for Anne Curtis' first major solo concert I was aghast!   The lady could not carry a proper tune!  It's back again to those variety shows where these young wannabe singers are put at center stage only to go bust and with audience like myself taking pity!  Being pretty does not guarantee an equally beautiful voice.  But then again Anne IS a certified crowd drawer---beautiful, funny, and witty.  And then I saw these pictures of her concert and I was WHOA!!  Never mind her singing quality!  The concert was a SKIN trip!  

In fairness to Anne, I saw some clips of her concert and was not totally repulsed by how she carried her tunes.