Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The American Chopper Build Off: OCC vs PJD vs Jesse James

The much awaited build off is finally here!  OCC vs PJD vs Jesse James!  Whose the best custom bike builder?  Well, it's up to us the viewer and motorcycle enthusiasts to decide!  So what are you waiting for?  VOTE NOW or forever hold your peace! --- http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/american-chopper/chopper-live/final-poll.html#mkcpgn=fbtlc2&fbpostid=fbtlc2-

Now here's my two cents worth:

Who am I going to vote for and in what order?  Since there's no criteria for judging---I'm making my own.  

Theme - This is suppose to be a custom chopper build off so I'm disqualifying OCC who seemed to have lost their way here.  Is that a snow mobile they built?!  I guess Senior was too busy talking trash about his son that he didn't hear CHOPPER build off.  PJD and Jesse James got this right on the button.  Jesse James was also talking trash but at least he was listening as to what needs to be done.

Creativity and Design - This is the WOW effect.  Being from the Philippines, choppers are not an everyday sight.  So in the 3 times in my life that I've seen one cruising by definitely got my head turning 360 degrees!  But in so far that I have been watching American Chopper and looking at motorcycle magazines I can say that I've gotten myself an eye for what an exceptional bike is when it comes to design.

After much shit talking from Jesse, you'd expect him to really step up on the plate and hit a home run---NOT!  It turned out that Jesse was all talk and not much imagination!  This one goes to PJD hands down!

However, I must give credit to Jesse in terms of his bike building skills.  He made his bike all by hand that showed his blacksmith-ing skills.  Unfortunately, the build off is meant to judge the output and not the bike building process. 

Obviously, my choice is PJD over Jesse James!  So, whose your pick?

PJD Bike

Jesse James Bike

OCC Bike (if you can call it a bike, that is)


Anonymous said...

good choice Noy, but I like Jesse James' bike a lot better, coz it's an old school chopper, PJD's design is always nice but most of the time it's based on "theme".... but that's just me...for OCC just shut the f*ck up already and build a chopper... hahaha

Old School said...

Old school usually goes to Sr. for his bikes. Paul Jr. does things that you can only imagine and make the work and look great. Jessie to busy fucking up his life has lost his touch and spends more time picking 1 from column A and 2 from column B to build his bikes.

Shaun said...

This build off was lacking a lot. I might have gone into it with higher expectations, I expected and actual Biker Build off like Discovery used to do. Where you build a BIKE, ride in 400+ miles to a motorcycle show and the people there vote on it. This unfortunately was not the case in the "build off".

I agree with you, Senior and OCC missed the point of a build off, but only because he knows he can't compete with his son. Not with Jason and his computer anyway. Senior made it very clear from the beginning that he wasn't going to even try in the competition and do something that he called fun. This was a piss poor attitude to go into a competition with, and it shows in the snow mobile he made.

Jesse talked mad amounts of smack; I thought it was getting so deep in the BS that the film crew would need hip waders and shovels to get through it all. I also liked the fact that he built the bike was the frame up, but it was so just there. i think Jesse thought as long as it had his name on it that people would vote him, but his mouth was counterproductive in it.

I give props to Junior, for staying above all the smack talking between the competitors, even showing up that so called host of the live show. Someone should tell him that wasn't love line. Junior's design is outstanding and implemented very well for a theme bike. I was all for Jesse James until his mouth got in the way, that just left Juniors bike which was totally on another level from the other two bikes.

Still i think this was really a waste of airtime. Discovery channel should have done it like the old Biker build offs we remember with Arlen Ness and Indian Larry. Those two days I looked forward to getting off work at DISH so I could watch the build off and then the live show while I waited for the bus. If I didn't have sprint I would have been ticked for wasted the bandwidth to stream them to my phone using my sling adapter. I was let down by the live show and the build off in general that it pains me to think it came from Discovery.

Nonoy said...

you're right shaun, the show lasted more than an hour but half of it were commercial. discovery sure benefited from that one i'm sure. but it would have been better if the bikes were ridden somewhere to test for its functional side and counter jesse's claim that pjd's bike is all for show and not much for riding. it would have been a sweeter victory for junior if it were done that way. thanks for the comment.

kid tat2 said...

i would say fuck you to all of you that even begin to think that paul jrs poor attempt at a chopper was on mark,that ugly piece of shit is not only ugly but impractical!and i wouldnt put it in a hole and shit on it to cover it up!!!and if they would have put the bikes to a road test jesse james would have left the other two standing on the side of the road in a puddle of piss with a snot bubble hangin from there noses wondering what the fuck they were thinking trying to ride those pieces of shit more than around the block to get a good shot for the camera!!!dont get me wrong i think that for as much talent as jesse james has he realy dont need to yak shit,but these shows are as much scripted as they are real,as far as talent gos i think that both the uttles are a couple of talentless hacks that build impractical so called choppers!as far as paul jr what the fuck part of that abortion is a chopper???????paul sr????what can i say...oh i guess that the only thing that comes to mind would be,FUCKING RETARD!!!!!!now im not sure how many of the shit talkers on here have ever built a bike or even have any inclin of how its done,but if ya dont know then you should probaly keep yer yap shut!as far as i feel you dont have the right to a oppinion,jesse james is by far the supperior craftsman and has probaly forgot more shit about metal and bikes than those other two soap opera idiots know!!!and to answer the question,yes!i do build bikes and hot rods,i do all my own fabrication,paint,mechanics,welding,ect!!!

Super Dave said...

Jesse James, should not have lowered himself to such. He is the master of bike build. Why build something you would not want your brothers to see you riding.Hand built,craftsmanship,not old school. Perfect in every aspect.I vote Jesse James his past has nothing to do with his talent.