Friday, June 22, 2012

Movie Review: Lockout

Nice cinematography.  Incredible special effects.  

Guy Pearce fit the role of the gung-ho CIA agent Marion "Snow" Stone to a T.  I do believe Guy patterned his acting in the mold of John McClane of the Die Hard series.  Even the way he smokes and carries the cigarette was typical John McClane.  Come to think of it, even the plot is Die Hard-ISH.  So much for originality.  But then we all loved John McClane, right?  However, this movie did not have a credible villain.  Hydell, played by Joseph Gilgun, had his moments of pure evil but he shares the goon part with Vincent Regan who plays Hydell's older brother Alex.  There was also a lack of high intensity confrontation between Snow, Alex, and Hydell with Alex dying in the hands of Hydell and Hydell meets his demise when the space prison explodes in a ball of flame.

Oh to hell with the guys in this movie!  The primary reason for  me to watch this movie was Maggie Grace.  Gorgeous gal she is.  Unfortunately, they made her ugly in this movie by cutting her hair short and dyeing it black (for half of the movie).  Sorry guys, no skin exposure for this lady in this movie.  Heck, the hero did not even get a kiss!

Watch if you haven't watch Die Hard yet or you loved it so much and you'd like to have another serving even if it's a copycat.


Armando dela Cruz said...

This movie is imitative I agree. The main reason that this movie was not put to waste was that because of the main performers. Guy Pearce gives everything that he can to save this from being a tripe that even the above average visuals couldn't.

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