Monday, June 11, 2012

What Men Inherited from Adam

Better judgement (mostly my wife) convinced me to drop my plan to grow my hair into an afro.  What can I say---she had a very convincing argument (if you can call it that).  To paraphrase her she practically said, "Gupit or your bun does not go into the oven!"  So I say "GUPIT NALANG!"  Actually, it goes beyond saying.  One look of disapproval is like a telepathic shoutout and a coming embargo waiting to happen.

Well, we owe that to our forefather Adam.  

Being the first to be created, Adam was put in charge by God to govern the rest of his creations.  However, Adam's better judgement did not do him well when he gave way to Eve's persuasion to eat the Forbidden Fruit. In other words, man's subservience to woman started even before The Fall.  

What does a woman have that man cannot live without?  Man, if you can't fathom the answer to this---you must be gay!  

I rest my case.

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