Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pacman Loses to Bradley via Decision

Manny lost. Let's leave it at that. If he's still up to it, then a re-match is in order. It's not as if he was undefeated.  He's been on this road before. The question is if he still wants to have another go at it and win back the title from Bradley.  However, the next fight will need to be won convincingly via a knockout to put away any partisan  voting from the judges or any doubt thereof.

Who knows, this may lead to another thrilogy and more money for Manny---if he's still longing for more.

Let's stop bickering.  I don't believe any amount of protest will change the outcome of the fight.  

Manny gave up the title but I do believe he has already proven himself in the boxing world.  No amount of boxing politics can dispute that.  Besides, he is still 2M richer after the fight.  At the most it was just a bruised image on his part.

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