Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bato-bato sa Langit...

"Reap what you sow."

I really find it funny when people expect more out of mediocrity.  How can one demand a high performance rating if all you did at work was attend meetings where you just sat in or went on field and got yourself a whole lot of new friends in Facebook?   How stupid can you get?  But then---stupid is what stupid does.  Tsk.  Tsk.  Tsk.     

This goes the same when it comes to fatherhood.  How can you expect your children to love you when you did not give any?  How can you expect them to care for you when you just let them be on their own?  Your semen contribution does not give you that right.  "People forget what you say, they forget what you did, but they never forget how you made them feel."  The amount of quality time that you give your children is something that they will treasure forever.  The gall on the father who asks for love and care when he does not know how to give neither of both!

Bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan SAPUL!  

Nuff said.

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