Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MMDA's Anti-Jaywalking Campaign

Like any other government initiative, MMDA's Anti-Jaywalking Campaign which had its kick-off last June 5 is another case of "ningas-kugon".  

During an interview last June 4, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said that the particular target of this drive is along Commonwealth Avenue where several incidents of hit and run accidents involving jaywalkers have happened.

Well, just this morning on my way to work, I saw a couple of jaywalkers (mostly students) doing their thing along Commonwealth Avenue near the Manggahan area.  The ironic thing was they were crossing in front of the new MMDA signage for this campaign.  I guess this campaign is only an 8-5 thing since obviously, there were no "men-in-red" manning the Commonwealth area when the bus I'm on ran the length of this thoroughfare at 5:45am. 

If there is no one doing the enforcing of this law then this is a useless campaign and a waste of the tax payer's money!


Marisse said...

Yeah, this is like the dedicated motorcycle lanes. Nothing has changed...

Marisse said...

And one thing, a certain blogger even mentioned that an MMDA enforcer was caught on cam violating their own campaign on the very first day of the campaign.