Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movie Review: Prometheus

The reason why I like going to the cinema 30 minutes before the showing time is for me to get a glimpse of future films to watch.  Prometheus was one such film that got my attention.  My interest in the film superseded my liking for Snow White and the Huntsman that it was the obvious choice given both movies are still showing right now.  Obviously I'm more a sci-fi fan than that of fantasy.

I have not read any movie synopsis for Prometheus prior to watching it but the use of an android as a science officer was reminiscent of Ash and Bishop in Aliens 1 and 2.   And then there were the facehugger and the chestburster aliens.   What is this film really about?  The final piece of the puzzle was put in place when the alien antagonist shown in the last part of the film looked like Ridley Scott's Alien.  True enough the film is meant to be a prequel to the Aliens series.

The story aims to explain the mythology of the alien species that has terrified movie goers for the past three decades.  Apparently, the alien being who created man had a change of heart about the human race and decided to eradicate their creation with their own version of "weapon of mass destruction".  The moon which they thought to be the home of man's creators turned out to be the production site of the specie that will exterminate the human race. Before there was Ripley, there was Elizabeth Shaw to save the human race from alien destruction.

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