Monday, June 11, 2012

Movie Review: Buried

Given the title of this movie---I should have known better!

Well, this is not a new movie.  Buried was shown as part of the Sundance Film Festival early 2010 and had a limited theatrical release later on the same year.  If I remember it correctly, it was shown in the Philippines late last year only.  Anyway, it  was re-shown this year as part of SM Cinema's Cinema Fiesta where movie goers are treated to a budget film viewing for only Php 25.  Normally, new releases start off at Php 160.

Being a fan of Ryan Reynolds, me and my wife decided to watch.

Don't get me wrong.  The movie isn't really that bad.  It's just the ending I did not like.  I go to the movies to relax and feel good.  Buried gave me none of both.  That's how good an acting Ryan Reynolds did on this movie.

The location of the film is somewhere in Iraq but all throughout the running time of this movie the setting was in wooden coffin buried in the dessert.  Ryan Reynolds gave such a compelling rendition of a man buried alive in a box coffin that I felt constricted and claustrophobic in my cushioned chair!

The story revolves around an American truck driver, Paul Conroy, in Iraq whose convoy was attacked by Iraqi rebels.  The opening sequence already found him bound and gagged inside the make shift coffin with only his Zippo lighter, a liquor flask, and a  Blackberry phone.  Apparently, he was not buried deep since there was still a mobile signal inside the box---a ploy for his kidnappers to communicate with him and state their ransom demands.

Originally, the kidnappers wanted $5 million ransom but this was later lowered down to $1 million after negotiations with the US government dwindled to an impasse and rescue efforts for Conroy and the other kidnapped truckers went underway.

Conroy was made to make videos by the kidnappers, first, was a proof of life which was released via YouTube.  He was forced to do this after he was shown a video of another trucker who the kidnappers threatened to execute if he did not cooperate.  With the negotiation not going anywhere and with the US offensive in full swing, the kidnappers threaten to do harm to Conroy's family in the US unless he films himself cutting off his finger.  Ouch!

As if the constricting feeling was not uncomfortable enough there was also the heavy feeling of frustration and  hopelessness especially in the scene where Conroy makes a video of his last will and testament to his wife and son.  

The film goes in peaks and valleys in anticipation of the final outcome.  I was hoping for the rescue of Conroy and it seemed so until the very final moment.  Damn!  

My wife and I left the movie house with a heavy heart...good thing the movie only cost me Php 25!

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