Friday, September 14, 2012

Resident Evil's Kick Ass Ladies

Other than the well choreographed fight scenes, the realistic graphic effects, and those bio-hazards that have invaded countless of my dreams, I really dig the KICK ASS chicks that has so far graced the five installments of this movie franchise!

Alice is the main protagonist of this movie.  This character has been played by Milla Jovovich since the first film was shown in 2002. 

Screenshot of Alice in the latest Resident Evil movie Extinction
Rain Ocampo, played by Michelle Rodriguez, was part of the elite commando team who was tasked to secure the Hive in the first movie.  She died in the latter part of the movie but not after some serious mutant ass got thrashed!


Jill Valentine.  Oh now this girl not only packs a punch but she's also a beauty!  If Rain Ocampo is the tomboy type Jill would be the bad ass supermodel!  Personally, I think she's second to Alice in terms of fighting skills.  Her character is played by Sienna Guillory.  Oh and by the way, it doesn't suit her blond!

Claire Redfield is the younger sister of Chris Redfield who was the American police officer who played the protagonist in the first Resident Evil game.  Her character is played by Ali Larter and appeared in the third and fourth movie installemnt Extinction and After Life.  She's not a flashy fighter (on film) but she's quite the looker!  She's the BLOND ASS KICKER!

And then there's Ada Wong.  She replaces Claire Redfield on my hierarchy of Resident Evil Babes before Alice and Sienna.  Her advantage over Claire being her get up.  Man, that leg revealing dress sure makes my heart sing!  Her character debuts in the latest Resident Evil movie Retribution played by Li Bingbing.

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