Friday, September 7, 2012

Interview with a Vampire: Claudia's Story

I was posting my blog a while ago and came across an entry ( about the latest addition to Anne Rice's vampire chronicles entitled Interview with a Vampire:  Claudia's Story.  Obviously, this will relay the same events as told in the Interview with a Vampire but this time instead of Louis it is Lestat's vampire child progeny Claudia telling her side of the story. 

It will be published in the  form of a graphic novel by Yen Press and is projected to be out in book shops by November 2012.  According to Anne Rice's wall post on her Facebook Fan Page this is not a new novel but an adaptation from the original book but told in the point of view of Claudia.  With Ms. Rice's  stamp of approval I'm sure this will entertain us like Anne's own work.

"Guys, Yen is publishing a new graphic novel (comic book style) adaptation of Interview with the Vampire from Claudia's Point of View. Here is a taste of the artwork and ambience through a little film. (Please note: this is not a new novel by me. This is an adaptation of the original novel from Claudia's point of view. I licensed this just as I have licensed screen plays and a stage adaptation. I think the art is beautiful, and hope you enjoy it.)"---Anne Rice's Facebook Fan Page post, September 8, 2012

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