Thursday, September 27, 2012

Photo and other GENICS

Being an Art Studies graduate, I am into the beautiful:  music, architecture, paintings...but more than anything else---WOMEN! 

Everywhere I go my eyes are always on a lookout for gorgeous babes.  My type are fair skinned, long haired, mestizas.  Of course, there are pretty morenas as well but by default the first criteria is what makes me turn around for a second look.  Now if I have my camera on hand posterity will surely beckon for a shot.  This is why I like going to car shows---lots of pretty girls all around! Unfortunately,  car shows are far in between but there's not much to fret about since I have seen a lot of beautiful Pinays about especially in high end place like Makati, Greenhills, and Rockwell.  But then,  you really don't expect them to just pose for you, right?  So whenever I get a chance they would be stolen shots.  Hmmm...I'm not going to get in trouble for that, am I?  Anyway, another thing is that not everyone of them you see front side and sometimes light and distance can play tricks on your eyes.  This is why I have classified the other beauty types (outside of the really beautiful ones) into three:  LAYO-genic, , DILIMo-genic and TALIKOD-genic.

1.  LAYO-genic.  Or, as my wife would call them, PPP (papalapit, papalapit, panget).  These are those who, from a distance, would seem to pass my beauty criteria (fair skinned, long haired) but upon closer inspection turns out to be not within your expectations.  In Boracay, many Korean ladies fall within this category.  I guess it's the sun playing tricks on me especially when all you can see is a 5 inch perspective of a lady in two piece bikini!

2.  DILIMo-genic. You usually have many of this type in bars, discos (meron pa ba nito?), or establishments that has minimal lighting---pag nailawan na, di pala kagandahan.

3. TALIKOD-genic. In my experience this is the most common type among the three since when you are strolling, your immediate attention is to your front; hence, when I spot a fair skinned, long haired, and curvaceous back side, I imagine a beautiful face to match.  In the last couple of weeks I have been playing a game with myself where when I see an attractive back side I would make it a point to validate by over taking the subject to check her out.  Funny thing is that many such sorties end up in disappointment as the target is either not my type or belongs to the third sex.  This is especially true along the San Miguel Avenue/St. Francis side in Pasig which is my normal office route.  At the average, only 3/10 ladies that I check out are what I deem beautiful.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. My being an art major does not make me a connoisseur of beauty. Abstract art does not follow the normal visual reference of this world but is an art form viewed as beautiful by many.  I guess it goes the same with how we look at a person's physical beauty.  I do remember a friend of mine who was into the "exotic types" (which actually got me thinking if he's got a foreigner's blood in him.) So, to each his own beauty perspective.

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