Friday, September 28, 2012

They're Back!

After a long wait that seemed to be forever, my favorite TV series are back!  Looking forward to the plantsa days ahead!

NCIS Season 10

It was a cliff hanger Season 9 ending after Harper Dearing detonates a bomb in the NCIS headquarters.  Then Ducky was shown to have had a fatal heart attack after hearing of the events.  Well good news guys!  The team is back---WHOLE!  Gibbs and Dearing goes for a final showdown and we know who's left standing!

NCIS Los Angeles Season 4

Another cliffhanger finish last season where Callen shoots the Chameleon on live television before the prisoner exchange with a CIA agent and is carted off by the police.  Hetty resigns (again) after the incident and the team was left in the state of disarray.  Everything turned out to be a ruse by the team to avert an international incident with the Iranians.

Person of Interest

Finch gets a visit from an old friend and turns out to be a set up to flush him out.  Left alone, Reese looks up to Finch's contingency plan---The Machine---determined to rescue Finch from Ruth.  Or so he thought...

Dexter Season 7

Travis turns out to be the real Doomsday Killer and Debra witnesses Dexter serve him justice.  What happens next?  Well, a good serial killer is a good liar.  Unfortunately, Deb is a good cop with the tenacity of a pitbull.  Now how will Dexter extricate himself from this dilemma?  I guess, we'll find out in the next couple of episodes.

Supernatural Season 8

The Winchesters have been to hell and back---literally!  When Dean zapped Dick to kingdom come, he inadvertently transported himself to Purgatory!  But I guess Sam and Dean does have nine lives.  Dean survives Purgatory with the help of a demon after one year of "bloody, messy, and thirty-one colors of bottom dwelling nasties".

The two brothers finally meet up and have their own stories to tell but they need to find the Prophet (Kevin) before the demons do.

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