Thursday, September 13, 2012

For the Boys!

I was in the john this morning doing the little boy thing when I realized something---why do I keep on looking at the steady stream of piss whenever I urinate?  Wait!  Is that what I'm really looking at?  My fear is that I'm subconsciously trying to check if I can still see my weiner beyond the bulge of my stomach!  (To which the answer would be---NO!  And that's putting it in a positive light!)  Is it an issue of AIM and FIRE?  Just like a fireman would do it (except that there is no fire!).  Hmmm...I couldn't say for certain.  It's just that.  Whenever I take a piss, I get the precious birdy out, do my stuff and just stare.  Well, there's the occasional looking up the ceiling or the wall but otherwise, majority of the time I'm looking down.  Is this normal?  

To satisfy my sanity, I stalked the men's comfort room to observe and---VIOLA!  All of them do it too!  I asked my officemate to pose for this blog and even while mimicking pissing (as shown in the photo below) he is still looking down.