Saturday, September 8, 2012

Of Haircuts, Barbershop, and Machine Oil

When I was little I used to abhor getting a hair cut.  My preference then was the shaggy look---the longer the better!  Naturally, my parents disagree and so I got my gupit binata or the shorter version of that.  I would always go into tantrums come barbershop day.  One time I got so mad I blurted out something that got my father so mad I got myself a good beating!  Ever since that day I was prim and proper---SAKIT E!

Anyway, when I grew up, I realized the value of having a short hair.  I now sport a SEMI-KAL or DOS as I say to my barber.  Less shampoo and no more need for a comb or brush.  

Barbershops are better now than what I used to have before.  My father used to take me to Novaliches Bayan which is a 45 minute ride from we live.  (Actually, 15 minute travel lang talaga yan kung walang traffic.)  It was a doorless establishment  which smelled like machine oil, cigarette smoke, and the occasional putok (body odor of the third kind) located at the innards of the wet market.  When you got home you took home the smell of fish, machine oil, and the stench of water sewage!   

Now, barbershops abound in our subdivision.  Some even have air condition!  This time around you only take home the smell of machine oil (although sometimes you still have to endure the occasional putok)!  I'm sure you're wondering why I don't just go to a he and she parlor...well, I'm not a vain guy and I grew up knowing that parlors are for girls so I guess my preference is a matter of upbringing.  

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