Saturday, September 15, 2012

Never Again!

When I was younger, I grew up eating the different kinds of kakanin that my grandmother would bring every time she would drop by our house for a visit.  Puto is one of my favorites.  This delicacy, partnered with butter or niog, is heaven sent!  This taste for our native kakanin persisted up to this day and every so often, whenever opportunity presents itself, I'll buy a slice for my office merienda.  

Along the foot bridge of Megamall, there is a vendor that sells kakanin.  Every time I pass by her perch my craving goes off like an alam!  But everytime, there is a crowd of customers and I'd just pass by without buying.  One rainy morning, I chanced up her customer-less stall and without blinking an eye lash rushed on to get me my treat.  I chose the pandan flavored puto (color green kasi e).  At Php 10 for 2 slices---I got myself a bargain!  Or so I thought...

I was supposed to save it for my mid-morning snack but every time I get a glimpse of it I salivate and no sooner than I got my first cup of coffee for the day, I was on it like ant on sugar!  However, my wanton abandon quickly faded away on my first bite...the thing had an after taste of cockroach!  Pwe!  Pwe!  Pwe!  You won't smell it on the food though.  I guess it's in the plastic they used.  Needless to say, I still ate the damn thing!

Two days after, I found manang handling a manageable number of customers and decided to buy another puto.  This time I ordered for the ube flavored one thinking that the other day was just a fluke---I was mistaken!  Same after taste!  Once is enough, two is too much!  Never again!

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