Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vampire Diaries Season 4: Spoiler Alert

Should I say finally?  Well, like Bella's character in Twilight, Elena's transformation into one of the undead was highly anticipated.  The season 3 finale we saw that after being fed vampire blood, Elena's car plunges into the river, apparently dies, and then wakes up.  We all know that if you die with vampire blood in your system---you wake up and become one!  So, did Elena finally become a vampire?  Wait!  Bonnie have been instrumental in reversing supernatural events, she can still do something for Elena, right?  Well, she tried, but I guess it's time that Elena finally became one and fight her own battles.

As was presumed in the last season, Klaus escaped death when he forced Bonnie to switch his body with Tyler's.  Will Klaus remain to be the main antagonist for this new season?  It's hard to tell on the first episode.  There is a looming specter of peril for the vampires in the person of Pastor Young who took control of the Council after both Mayor Lockwood and  Sheriff Forbes were exposed to having supernatural son (Tyler who is a vampire-werewolf hybrid) and daughter (Caroline who is a vampire).

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