Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Dutdutan Festival 2012 Pics Part 1

Here's more pictures of the second day of the Dutdutan Festival.

I really admire these tattoo artists for their beautiful creations and their human canvasses for their endurance to go through this painful process.  Self expression does have its share of pain.

The Kalinga Batek artist at work.

Immortalizing The King in ink on skin.

Contestant #29 prepping her tattoo.

An artist does need his inspiration.

Vandolph having his tattoo done for the
Vandolph joining the portrait competition.

The coveted Dutdutan trophy.

Big Tiny

Fines Pena being ogled---and why not?  She had paint for clothes!

Cookie Chua's Color It Red Band.

Epi Quizon in the house.

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