Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dale Go Meris: Car Show Favorite

I go to car shows whenever there's one in the Metro.  It has been a hobby of mine to take pictures of cars.  Ok, ok---I like taking pictures of the car show girls!  Anyway, it has been the same old set of ladies for the past couple of months until a couple of new faces came out.  And out of the new faces my favorite would be Dale Go Meris!  Well, at least that's what the moderator of her Facebook Fan Page says.  There is another Facebook account which I was fortunate enough to be added as friend and it seems like it's not moderator managed.  Thanks for the "add" Allendale Ogalesco Meris aka Daleycremme O. Meris!

Anyway, my first pictures of Ms. Meris was during the Hot Import Nights last March of this year and ever since that day she has been in the cross hairs of my camera every time there is an auto event.  

She has got a very pretty face and a well endowed body.  I think if Abby Poblador and Misa Campo made out--- Ms. Meris would be their offspring!

Hot Imports Night-March 2012

MIAS-March 2012

Transport Show-April 2012

PIMS-August 2012

AutoMax-September 2012