Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dutdutan Festival 2012: Bikinis and Other Wordly Stuff Part 2 of 2

Personally, I did not like the line up of this year's Dutdutan Festival FHM Bikini Competition.  I watched last year's FHM contestants and they were a lot prettier by far with the list led by Dorinah Groh!  Anyway, you don't see them bikini babes in all their glory to behold everyday, right!  Ika nga e laman tiyan din yan!

In fairness, they did have great bodies!

FHM Bikini Babes



Anonymous said...

is it wrong that watermarked photos that aren't yours?

Carlos Macarayan said...

Where did you get the notion that those pictures are not mine?

Anonymous said...

because 3 of them came from my flickr account.

Carlos Macarayan said...

I seriously doubt that since I personally took these pictures. Can you direct me to your Flickr account?