Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Guy's in Love with You Mare

Seldom that I watch Tagalog movies but if I do it would almost always be comedy.  I do believe Filipinos have great talent for comedy.  This afternoon, me and my wife had our chill time and decided to watch Vice Ganda's This Guy's in Love with U Mare.  My wife has been harping of watching this movie since last week and without a better movie to watch, I just told myself that the worst thing that could happen is I get an hour's sleep in an airconditioned environment or go belly up laughing.  Well, I got myself a good laugh watching this movie and then some!

Vice Ganda is definitely a great comedian!  Facial expression palang e matatawa ka na!  Kudos to the writer for those funny lines!  Luis Manzano's deadpan brand of comedy reminds me of his father.  He is truly EDU's son!  In this movie I'd say that comedy is not Toni Gonzaga's strong point.  She is, however, a pretty face and I'm a sucker for pretty ladies making funny faces!  Oh and we do get a glimpse of her in a one piece bikini in one scene!  Really YUMMY!

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