Friday, October 12, 2012


I was in a "life enrichment" session this morning to fulfill an HR requirement and our topic for the day was about Excellence.  We were talking about the IS and IS NOT of the value of EXCELLENCE when the word KAYA-bangan came out as an example of the former.  

When you say "kaya" it connotes a positive attitude towards challenges that come our way.  It has been our corporate value to always stand up in the face of adversity and continually challenge ourselves to go beyond what is expected of us.  Of course we were also taught to make sure that we deliver on our promise.  Unfortunately, there are some people who commit without thinking if such is achievable.  This is false promise or KAYA-bangan!  This is the problem when you commit to something without consulting those who are tasked to deliver it in terms of it's feasibility considering logistics and manpower. In certain instances, since "nagkasubuan na", it comes to the point where those who are to deliver the commitment are required to work odd and unreasonable hours that may not even guarantee success.  When this happens, the exercise becomes a waste of company resources and a potential issue for people unrest and attrition.  

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