Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dutdutan Festival 2012: Bikinis and Other Wordly Stuff Part 1 of 2

The BATMANs (Batang Manyak) came back to life as soon as the bikini clad women start gyrating to the music of Cyprus Hill and culminated with the FHM Bikini Competition hosted by the Boys Night Out DJs (Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Ramon Bautista).  Man, my feet were already killing me from almost two hours of standing by the time the tattoo competition drew to a close!  Of course seeing those bikini clad ladies numbed me from the pain and got me the night's share of posterity shots!  

Me and my wife eventually called it a night after that (it was already around 12:30am by that time) although there were still other bands that were due to perform and other worldly activities they had in between.  Anyway, QUOTA na naman ako by then!  Next year ulit!

Cypress Hill and Pole Dancers

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