Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Charlie Sheen's New Sitcom: Anger Management

I really like Charlie Sheen as the rich, playboy, jerk of a human being, Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men.   Personally I think the show wasn't the same without him on board.  But that's show business.  Anyway, he's got a new TV series, Anger Management,  which premiered in FX last June 28, 2012.  It received mixed reviews from critics but I guess it was due to Charlie's recent spate of bad publicity.  Of course it does not discount the fact that Charlie Sheen remains to be a comic draw based on how the show was received by the audience (which happens to be the most watched sitcom premier in cable history). 

Charlie Sheen plays Dr. Charlie Goodson a psychiatrist who handles an anger management therapy group.  He was a former NBL player whose own anger management problem merited him his early retirement; a divorcee who is still "attached" to his ex-wife; a father to an eccentric teenage daughter; and an anger management patient under a therapist who shares his bed. I'm sure the writers can spin a lot of episodes with such a colorful life!

Season 1 ended with 10 episodes and was renewed by FX for another 90 episodes.

Me, I'm a simple guy and BELOW are my nine reasons why I like to watch Anger Management.  In summary---NOUREEN DEWULF!

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