Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Present

"Everyday is a gift; which is why it is called The Present."

Birthday or not, everyday is something to be thankful to God for.  So I made it a practice to thank Him for every waking hour of my life---and not only during my birthday.

As soon as I open my eyes every morning is a brand new day!  Everyday is a PRESENT!  And then I look around and I immediately see all the special add ons to this I call MY LIFE:  my wife, my children, my family.  Of course there's also the fact that I wake up in the comfort of my bed with a roof over my head.  And then the rest of all that makes my life special come rolling in:  my friends, my work, the opportunities, even the challenges that come my way---especially those that makes me become a better person. 

Man, it has been 44 years since the day I first got myself a whiff of the goodness of being!

Life is always good!  It's just a matter of perspective.

Thank you Lord for LIFE!

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