Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Senator Sotto's Plight with Plagiarism

Yes, the intention was good (if you're an RH bill supporter) but I guess Senator Sotto has not heard the saying "the end does not justify the means."  

Downplaying plagiarism (because it is not defined as a crime in Philippine laws) is a low for Sotto.  The point of the matter is that the senator's speech writers went online and "copy-pasted" ideas from other writers so that their boss can sound erudite in his privilege speech.  

Plagiarism may not be a criminal offense but it is still an offense nonetheless.  It is a form of theft---INTELLECTUAL THEFT!  Singing a tune of a VST song does not constitute plagiarism because everyone knows who wrote the song but owning ideas that are not yours is something else.  However, does this mean that violations that does not have criminal liabilities can be broken at whim?  

To hear the good senator downplay plagiarism gives me shivers!  For a person of the law trying to justify a wrong is reprehensible!  Aside from this, Senator Sotto may have also forgotten the meaning of ACCOUNTABILITY.  Instead of apologizing for his writer's mistake he deflected by saying that he did not know about it.  Mr. Sotto, you are their boss and their mistake is your accountability.  Why can't you just MAN up and admit to the mistake and acknowledge those from whom your writers copied from?  Get down from your high horse dear senator!

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