Monday, August 27, 2012

Total Recall

Beautiful, sexy and deadly.  That's how Kate Beckinsale portrayed her role as UFB secret agent Lori in the movie Total Recall!  Never had I cheered for a movie villain like I had Ms. Beckinsale!  She was in relentless pursuit of Douglas Quaid/Carl Hauser (played by Colin Farrell) all through out the film; however, much that I didn't want Ms. Beckinsale to die there's no avoiding her character's  inevitable end. 

Anyway, it was a fun movie to watch.  It had the same plot as the one Arnold Schwarzenegger did in 1990 but different settings.  The 1990 version was set in Mars where we saw humans intermingling with alien life forms (the highlight of which was the three breasted lady) while the 2012 version was set on future Earth.  Why was also a three breasted lady in this version?  Logically it doesn't seem right.  But I guess it was a trademark of the 1990 version that can't be undone.  Otherwise, the writers may have envisioned three breasted ladies to be a cosmetic fad in the future.

Jessica Biel was also kick-ass!  Double reason for you to watch it!


Armando dela Cruz said...

It is boring compared to Schwarzenegger version back in the '90's.

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