Thursday, August 9, 2012

Si Monsoon at Iba Pang Kwentong Taxi

I set off to work this morning amidst the hard rain and the celestial lightning display and found myself hiding underneath a tree.  Keeping in mind what my wife told me about the lightning's attraction to the color RED I decided to forego my regular red umbrella and red jacket (true or not, it's better safe than sorry).  Normally, I'd just be one jeepney and bus ride away from work but as expected, in such weather condition, I had difficulty finding a jeepney to get me out of the subdivision.  Deym!  I've already exhausted my emergency leaves so I bit the bullet and hailed the first cab which passes by.  Well, actually I let pass two since bulok sila.  I was hoping to alight at my usual bus stop but I notice that there were no buses in sight.  Double deym!  Magastos ire!  So I munch on the bullet and tells the taxi driver to just go on ahead to San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas.  

"Buena mano po kayo!"  says the driver as I settle at the passenger seat and I say, "Kailangan kumayod e."  To which he replies, "Pareho po tayo.  Pag di ako bumiyahe e mapipilitang mangutang ang misis ko sa tindahan---kung magpapautang."  Hmmm...I was actually swearing at the government's decision not to declare a NO WORK day for private business and I realize that by doing so, public utility drivers will find it hard to get fare if everyone stayed at home.   Pangs of guilt envelopes me and I just look at the gloomy sky and say, "Let's bring it on!"  

Mamang taxi driver was tuned in to an AM news and the anchor was interviewing DOST USec. Mario Montejo.  When asked about the weather forecast, Mr. Under Secretary says that "weather will be intermittent with occasional thunderstorm."  I'm not sure where this guy lives but on our end of the metro we had continuous rain since yesterday and what seemed to be and "end of days" downpour early this morning which almost made me decide to just skip another day of work.   Hays!  Iba talaga pag nakatira ka sa bahay na di binabaha at sound proof that you're oblivious of what's happening outside!  

The commentator then shifts to discuss about the Employee's Compensation Commission (ECC) ruling regarding the "bunkhouse rule" which states that "when the employee is required to stay in the premises or in quarters furnished by the employer,  injuries sustained therein are in the course of employment regardless of the time of its occurrence."  The other day, some of my people had to go to work since we had a deliverable to meet.  I instructed them to finish up and go home so as not to get caught up in the various transportation problems connected to the bad weather.  Unfortunately, two of them got stranded mid-way and my immediate advice is for them to go back to the office and get shelter from the elements.  However, this rule may not sit well with other companies since in the accountability standpoint it would be best to just let them brave the weather.  Hindi MAKATAO, I know---but that's a reality in business.  Me, I'll sleep well knowing that those under me are safe under my watch.

Thirty minutes later, I arrive at the office, pays my fare and thank Manong Taxi Driver for deciding to set off in this ugly weather.  "Paano pauwi?"  I ask.  Bahala na si Batman!

Thank God public transport was back when I went home this afternoon!  Yun nga lang---umuulan na naman ngayon. :(

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