Thursday, August 9, 2012

G Tongi - FHM Philippines August 2012 Cover Girl

If you're a G Tongi fan and is looking forward to seeing more of her skin in the August issue of FHM Philippines---you'd be disappointed.  I just downloaded a copy and I must say that if you're thinking of buying this issue, don't.  Ms. Tongi's layout, while artistically done, does not provide the novelty of what makes a men's magazine.   

However, this issue does have its saving grace like Janarah Fox (if you like her), Jinri Park (but if you're a collector I suggest you buy her photobook instead), Berna Kano, Hazel Feliciano, and the separate FHM Pin Ups that comes with it.

There are interesting articles to read but let's face it---many a copies of FHM from "collectors" which lies in state without the articles being read.  So let's not joke ourselves when we say that we buy this magazine for the articles.

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