Friday, August 10, 2012

Bourne Legacy Movie Review

If you thought that Jeremy Renner is the new Jason Bourne---you're mistaken!  

Though the title of this movie was taken from the Bourne  novel, the story of the movie is nothing like the book and except for a news by-line---Jason Bourne is not even in the movie.  The movie's catch phrase "there was never just one" is a give away that this was not a Jason Bourne movie. This I found confusing.    Where does Jason Bourne fit in the scheme of things?  Apparently, the story follows the last movie Bourne Ultimatum where Jason Bourne exposes Operation Treadstone and Blackbriar and the aftershocks of this event.

Jeremy Renner plays a CIA operative who is part of an experimental program that aims to make super spies.  This program is put in jeopardy by the Treadstone and Blackbriar fiasco and orders to terminate the agents and the scientists involved was put in play.  Aaron Cross and Dr. Marta Shiering (played by Rachel Weisz) survive extermination and here begins their adventure.

My wife and I were suppose to attend the premier showing of this film at the Mall of Asia last August 8 but the bad weather did not permit us to go.  So I invite my wife on a movie date for some chilax time on a Friday night.  Well, everyone it seemed had the same thought and the SM Mega Mall cinemas were packed!  I'm sure that fact that the film's final sequence, which was filmed in Manila, had its influence with the overwhelming reception.  The collective "ahhhhs" when the first mention of MANILA was very noticeable.

The build up to the story's climax was nicely paced; however, everything suddenly went down from there and the film ended lacking in closure.  In other words---BITIN!  Well, I guess this is the beginning of another franchise in the making.  

I hope that the next sequel to this movie would be able to properly tie up the loose ends and please---don't Bourne in the title if you're not putting him as an active part of the script!

Happy weekend everyone!

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