Monday, August 20, 2012

Ristorante Bigoli SM Fairview

I was introduced to an Italian eatery named Fazolli's in Eastwood by one of our vendor and I have gone there a couple of times after with my wife.  I loved their stromboli and lasagna!  However, when I went there again a couple of months ago, the place was no longer there and in its place was a new Italian joint named Ristorante Bigoli.  I did not try it then but when my wife and I was at SM City Fairview last August 18, curiosity and our grumbling stomachs made us decide to try it out.

We ordered for Doppio Deligioso.  The menu said that it was good for two and consists of 2 Italian Chickens, a platter of Spaghetti Bolognese, Minestrone Soup, Green Salad, 2 slices of cheese pizzas, and 2 drinks upsizeable to bottomless by adding Php 35.  Without the upsize everything came up to Php 390.  

This joint just opened a couple of days ago and if I were the store manager I would make it a point to make a good first impression.  Here are the Moments of Truth that made me decide not to go back to this place again:

1.  Upon our entrance to the store it was quite hot and smokey as if the exhaust did not work.  I almost backed away since such an ambiance will not be good for my asthma but the crew told us to take the inner seats where it was colder.
2.  I was suppose to get an upsize for my drink but their was no juice available.  When I went to the vendo machine to get our drinks, only two variants were available.
3.  I found the spaghetti and salad serving too little for two persons. People of big appetites beware!
4.  The chicken, while hefty in size, is hard to the bite.  People with dentures beware!  Me and my wife found them chickens too salty for our taste as well.

A saving grace would be the pizza---they were big, thick, and very tasty!  

Seemingly, the concept of this joint is similar to Fazolli's since they also have the complementary garlic bread going around.

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