Sunday, August 19, 2012

Expendables 2

Stallone, Schwarzenneger, Willis, Lungren, Norris, Van Damme.  I grew up watching these guys play hero.  So putting them all in one movie is truly a coup to pull.  However, I feel that it was done without the spirit of logic.

Arnold and Bruce had cameos in the first movie so there's continuity there but the writer should have maintained the semi-villain role of Bruce.  Personally I like his sinister side.  Naturally, when he turned soft on Stallone's character, he somewhat lost my interest.  I have this feeling that the parts of Arnold and Chuck was forced into the film, especially with the gunfight at the tail end of the movie.  Chuck's character came out of nowhere at the middle of the film and wiped out a bunch of enemies (including a tank) in one swoop.  Although Arnold said "I'll be back"  when his character exited the first part, his re-entry is too good to be true when he came in the nick of time to the rescue Stallone's crew with a rock cutter.  

I'm not saying that this is not a good movie to watch---I did enjoy it.  It's just that I have this knack to over-think things.  

The writer put in comedy in the dialogues between the oldies sometimes quoting from their old films. Plus points with the on-screen chemistry of Jason Stratham and Sylvester Stallone.  They really make a good pair.  But I did miss the banter between Dolph Lungren and Jet Li (who was only in the first part of the movie).  When Dolph's character asks Yin Yang (Jet Li) who he's going to pick on after he leaves he says, "You'll pick on the next minority."  This he does with the addition of Chinese actress Yu Nan as the CIA tech agent Maggie.  Well, it's more like he wanted to hit on her.  Sorry Dolph this gal has a thing for Italians not Swedish!(so says the writer who happens to be Sylvester Stallone)  Yu Nan is a pretty lady with brass balls!

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