Friday, August 3, 2012

My Mind Museum Experience

I had my first Mind Museum experience last July 26.  This was actually part of the Lenovo event I attended. I must admit it was a welcome incentive for me since I have heard so much about this place.  It was like grade school once more when I eagerly anticipated our field trip to the Planetarium and the National Museum.  Actually, I dreamt of becoming a scientist during those times and was into reading books about the universe, space exploration, geology, human evolution, and dinosaurs.  Then came puberty and my thoughts got misdirected somewhere else.

Anyway, being in the high end part of the Metro, I had big expectations about Mind Museum.  At Php600.00 for a 3 hour tour that has got to be one truly worth while experience...UNFORTUNATELY, not for me.  Allow me to explain.

I was put off at the get go.  Upon entering the gate, I noticed an acrid smell of a lavatory that needs cleaning.  I took a quick sniff at myself and found relief that it did not come from me.  My other companions commented on it as well so I guess that validates it.  

It was not really all that bad.  I did get awed by the talking robot Aedi who welcomed the visitors.  I also enjoyed the galleries like The Story of the Earth which featured the very first T-Rex exhibit in the country, The Story of the Universe, and the various interactive displays at The Story of Technology.  

However, it all went downhill after we watched the creation of the universe.  It was still early in the tour and it was in a theater where everyone would be watching lying down.  It was cold.  Nice. And it had a cushioned floor with a pillow to rest our heads on.  Double nice!  It was conducive for a nap.  However, we came in with our shoes on and I can just imagine how much grime has accumulated since that morning's visitors.  Asthmatic that I am, dust exposure automatically triggers a sneezing or itching spell.  A couple of minutes after entering the theater, my eyes starts to itch---it was unbearable!  I was literally in tears after the show and then the sneezing starts and before I get home, I'm already with a slight fever.  I was down for four days.

I'm not sure if my next feedback was due to the increasing irritation I was feeling with my upcoming asthma attack but I did not feel comfortable during the 3D showing.  The screen was concave and so the theater---which had no seat---only had a cylindrical platform you were "forced" to sit on.  I say forced because I don't want to be looking up watching the show but the guard insisted that we need to seat and so seat I did and just like I thought, it was uncomfortable.  In fact, I was sick of looking up I stopped watching all together!

 Oh well, good thing that the tour was free!    

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