Monday, May 7, 2012

Rumble in NAIA 3

It was the hot item yesterday and I'm sure it will be so for the next couple of days!  

Mon Tulfo vs. Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto, and a pink shirted dude who seemed to have thought himself an MMA fighter.  End result:  Mon Tulfo was black and blue and the Santiago group a picture of notoriety given the cam phone footage of the event.  

Contrary to what we saw on the YouTube video, Santiago and company said that it was Tulfo who initiated the fisticuffs.  Unfortunately for them the CCTV camera in that area of the airport was not working (apparently, there were a lot of CCTV camera in the airport premises not working).  

Mon Tulfo has his own share of notoriety.  Actually, he and the other Tulfo brothers, Raffy, Ben, and Erwin have had their share of headliners.  However, theirs is more on the side of justice---headbutting with the powers that be.  This is also the case why Mon Tulfo's attention was diverted to a commotion at the arrival area when he saw a Cebu Pacific ground crew being berated by a young lady (who happened to be Claudine Barretto).  

The siblings are tightly knit and with their eldest brother accosted the other three are fuming and retaliatory remarks has been issued during the T3 broadcast yesterday in the direction of Raymart and his gang.  Mon Tulfo already filed a case against Santiago, Barretto, and his companions for grave coercion and physical injury and cautioned  his brothers in such an action since "public sympathy" is on his side.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

Tulfo Brother's Reaction to the Mon Tulfo vs Raymart Santiago incident:

Tulfo and Santiago brawl at NAIA 3:

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apple said...

Both of them have their own story and both of them received pain on this incidents. The false of the terminal is that, their cctv cameras are not functioning so we don't know what the real story is.

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