Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leylam Shawarma Rice

I've been fantasizing about going back to Boracay and while I was scanning my old photos I chanced upon this shot which I took during my birthday dinner at the island.

I first got a taste of Leylam Shawarma in May 2011 when I was vacationing in Boracay.  Me and my wife were looking for something to eat for dinner and came across this shawarma booth along the pathway of Station 2.  It was rice topped with sliced beef, mixed veggies, barbecue and garlic sauce topped with a sunny side up egg.    I'm a shawarma lover I must say that this is the best shawarma rice that I've ever tasted!  It has great value for money at Php 55 and definitely worth the queuing time!  

At first I thought that Leylam Shawarma was generic to Boracay but lo and behold---there's one at SM Fairview food court!   The thought of this immediately got my gastronomical craving into over-drive and I trekked to SM Fairview to get me a dose of Shawarma Rice with Egg!

However, the price is not as I remember it in Boracay.  Mall price of a Shawarma Rice with Egg is Php 69.  Another significant difference is that in place of the barbecue sauce is now mayoed hot sauce which took away the barbecue sweet taste.  Masarap pa rin naman but I like the original recipe better.


Nava Krishnan said...

I have heard so much on Boracay though I have not been here before. Looks like a great try out with the food you did.

Nonoy said...

I guess it's time for you to visit us here then Nava Krishnan.

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