Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holiday Inn Galleria: Luxury and Comfort

I have stayed in this hotel twice already and I just realized that I haven't blogged about it yet.  I guess it's time that I do.

My wife and I stayed at Holiday Inn Galleria to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary and had a grand time! Other than it's five star accommodations another cool thing about this hotel is its proximity to Robinson's Galleria.  Actually they are conjoined.  Really convenient to go mall tripping and then relax in the convenience of a luxurious room!

Based on online booking, room rates range from Php 7,000 ($ 175) to Php 9,000       ($ 225).  Normally, I wouldn't be able to book a room in this place but since I have a corporate discount, it's an occasional perk I reserve for special occasions.

I booked for a Deluxe Room and it was spacious and very comfortable.  It had a 32-inch LCD TV with cable.  Wi-fi is also available but this comes with a premium. So I suggest that you bring along your  stick DSL if you don't want to pay the Php 200 per hour internet charge. This room also have a bath with tub that fit my 5"11 frame and hot and cold shower.  The only downside was that it had no bidet and the toilet flush had a low water pressure, meaning, what goes out doesn't go down in a single flush.  

Accommodation also includes a buffet breakfast for two. 

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