Friday, May 4, 2012

Something New from Samsung: Galaxy S III

After all the buzz around the market entrance of the IPhone 4S, here comes the Samsung Galaxy S III!  It is bigger (screen size), thinner, and lighter.  To compete with IPhone leading operating system (iOS), Samsung is now introducing the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Google Android OS Ver. 4.0.

This phone addresses the common user complaint specific to the screen dimming feature of  many mobile phones to date.   Samsung's solution:  SMART STAY.  This feature utilizes the front facing camera to detect if someone is looking at the screen, if it does, the screen won't dim.

Other features include:  SVoice, voice recognition; Smart Alerts for missed call reminder; SBeam for file transfer; and, Pop Up Play, for picture-in-picture multitasking.

The phone will come in PURPLE BLUE and MARBLE WHITE with 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB memory.  

No price announcement as of yet. 


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