Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mooon Cafe-SM Fairview

I'm a burritos guy so when this Mexican inspired cafe opened at SM Fairview a couple of weeks back I had this itching feeling to try on their menu.  The opportunity finally came last May 23.  

The place is located at the lower ground floor of the annex side.  The front door is manned by a senorita dressed up like she's ready to do the rumba.  The joint was predominantly in tangerine and yellow which complemented the  blue colored table tops.    

According to the lovely senorita who took our order, Mooon Cafe is a Cebu-based restaurant and is in the process of expansion here in Metro Manila.  Further Google inquiry told me that most of their outlets are in the Visayas area and SM Fairview is their 2nd store in Metro Manila.

I was with my wife and daughter that time and we ordered chimichanga, bacon flavored pizza, and to drain them down---a large Suncooler.  Personally I did not like their version of the chimichanga and burrito mainly because of the thin toasted wrap they used which reminds me of "pritong lumpia".  I prefer my burrito in thick pita.  However, the Suncooler was something special.  It's an orange juice mixed with freshly sliced oranges, calamansi and watermelon.   Perfect drink in the heat of summer!

Beef Burrito 
Well, I may not have liked their burrito but Mooon Cafe still has a lot on their menu that I need to try and I just heard from a friend that they have good steaks here so I guess I'll be back for more.


paul cabio said...

Thank you sir! hope to see you dine again in our store. :)

Anonymous said...

Me and my friends had visited Mooon Cafe! and I must admit that they have a very cool set up! I thought that the menu they offer is expensive ,but it's not! and you know what? I am amaze to see the owner of the establishment and she is the one who we interview regarding our school project! It is so nice to talk with ma'am Candy,i am looking forward in the incoming OJT's

Anonymous said...

i will celebrate my birthday today in Moon Cafe with my family. kind of excited to taste their steak.

Anonymous said...

I saw a picture of their Sisig Burrito on Facebook, and my friends and I would really like to try it. Aside from their SM Fairview branch, would you know where their other Metro Manila branch is? :)

Anonymous said...

Must Visit!.. Highly recommended! Two Thumbs Up!