Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why It's Hard to be The President

Damn if you do and damn if you don't.  This is the reason why it's difficult to become the President of a country.  There will always be somebody who will not subscribe to what you have to say or do.   In this job---there is no pleasing everyone.

For those of us from the outside looking in it is very easy to be critical.  Often times our opinion is based on a specific point of view.  You may have your point but as a president you will need to see past the specific to what would benefit the majority.  

Just recently, PNoy rejected the Php 125 across the board wage hike that the labor sector has been clamoring for.  For many expectant workers this is definitely not a popular decision but in retrospect it is the right decision considering the potential backlash of company closure and the accompanying unemployment of some 527,000 workers.  It will also affect the competitive position of the Philippines in terms of the global investment market.  However, even with this reasoning, you still won't be able to please everyone.  

Hirap talagang maging Presidente!

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