Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tattoo Chronicles by Kat Von D

First and foremost, I would like to thank my aunt for funding the purchase of this book.  It was diving providence working again! 

I've just started reading the book a while ago and I was instantly stoked to write about it.  This is mainly because I found a semblance of Kat's love for writing as I have.  Tattoo Chronicles is Kat Von D's journal made into book.  As the title itself connotes, it is a chronicle of part of her life as a tattoo artist covering the time between May 2008 into the summer of 2009.  It is a journal of the tattoo session that she had  done and the various stories that came with them. 
The writing proved to be effective in the sense that I started allowing myself to work to vent a lot of those heavy ideas out onto the pages of these jornals.  I could process what information I'd taken in at the moment and read a conclusion.
Writing is a catharsis for her just like I do in writing my blogs.  This is my journal.  Here is where I express my thoughts about the things and circumstances that touch my life.  Obviously, this book struck a nerve.

Well, if you're wondering if I'm a tattooed bad ass---you're wrong.  All my bodily markings are natural or were stamped by incidents not to my liking.  Getting a tattoo must be done with the right reasons and not just for the sake of fitting in or just for the knack of it.  It is after all an expression---a permanent one at that.  Although I must say that I do want to get one but it has to be done by Kat Von D.  It's going to be the best picture of my wife and underneath would be the names of our six children done in script and I'll have it on my left chest because they are always in my heart.  That's in my bucket list.  Realistic or not it's there.  Period.

Unlike my other books, this will not be a toilet based reading material.  No, no, no!  The book itself is artistically crafted.  Other hardbound books have cover leafs but this one has the print embossed on the hard cover itself.  The pages are thick-glossy and folding the flaps (as I usually do to mark the page I'm at) is now deemed sacrilegious.  If there is something that I'd consider as a flaw of this book is that the text is too small for my aging eyes.  Mental note:  Always bring your reading glasses home---otherwise, this is going to be a bitch to read!

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