Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beware: Camp Karingal is NOT a Safe Haven

This is a second hand account of what transpired yesterday, December 12, 2011.

Our company driver got involved in an accident yesterday and the vehicle was towed to Camp Karingal.  Since it was already late and with no resolution in sight, our company "negotiator" (taga areglo ng aberya) to pack up for the day and come back the next day.  However, when they they tried to endorse the damaged vehicle, they were told by the police inspector that they can do so at their own risk.  

What?!  Camp Karingal is a police detachment for crying out loud!  Who will dare commit a crime within its walls?  

Now we know why our police force are poor in terms of INTEGRITY!

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Anonymous said...

Don't expect that since a lot of cops from there act like dogs by peeing on our perimeter wall... when I tried to get their attention - one even reasoned that he was using the storm drain. If they can't conduct themselves properly in public, you can't expect them to do so in their own abode.