Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Fun at Victoria Court

What can I say---I like the place!  Unlike other hotels, Victoria Court does not have a set room design.  In so far that I have been going to VC---every time always seem to be the first time.   When will I be able to experience all the rooms, I don't know---and I'm only talking about their property in Pasig.

It was a special day---a joint birthday celebration for my wife and 6 year old son---that called for an extra special treat.  As expected, Victoria Court Panorama once again delivered and then some!  As always the staff was very accommodating.  A room boy was instantly at our taxi as we pulled over and after identifying myself we were immediately ushered to our room. We booked for a 12 hour overnight stay in a suite room with a 21" LCD TV, a private bathroom, and jacuzzi (Dusk Room) and checked in around 9pm.  Man, did my two boys enjoy it!  

The room was spacious (especially for for two rowdy boys), cozy, and with a king size bed good enough for four.  The room also had a small dining area, a dressing table with hair blower, complementary bottled water, towels and hygiene kit (toothbrush and tooth paste).

I really dig this bathroom!
Other than the great accommodations the food was also great!  For dinner we had Cheezy Beef Caldereta, Tempura, and Taco.  For breakfast, it was Blueberry Pancakes (complimentary), Tocino Meal and coffee.

Thank you Victoria Court for another over-all GREAT time!  

My son enjoyed our stay so much that when it was time for us to go home he said, "Naiiyak na otel!"


Anonymous said...

how much is that room per day?

Blogger said...

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