Saturday, December 24, 2011

If I were still a kid...

Like any other kid I was into toys.  I still remember the time when my parent would take us to the department store and we would stop by the toy section.  There I would see the toy I want and I would resolve to save up what I can and pledge whatever Christmas dole out I would get to buy that toy.  Sometimes, I wouldn't get enough to buy the toy I like so an alternative was always at hand.  

Well, I'm in my 40's now and sometimes the child in me just jumps out whenever I go to the toy store.  Action figures, model airplanes and other military vehicles---those are my thing.  Unfortunately, other obligations precedes my wants so I'm back to staring, carressing, and then putting it back on the shelf.  E grabe namang ang mamahal ng mga laruang yan!

Model Humvee---Php 1,600.  Best seller daw sabi ng sales person kaya nagiisa nalang.
 So...?   Mukha ba akong may pang bili nyan?  Bitter ba?-he, he
Great Mazinger!  Php 3,500 for a six inch plaything!
In fairness---die cast naman daw!


Spiky said...

i gotta ask if you have any collection of toys in your house? :)

Nonoy said...

i used to collect toys when i was still a kid. unfortunately it was a bad move letting my children play with them.