Sunday, December 4, 2011

Everyday Lessons from Gloc9 and Daiana Meneses

I bumped into Aris "Gloc9" Pollisco and his lovely wife Teegi this morning at SM Hypermart and got to chit-chat while waiting our turn at the counter.  

Gloc9, together with Parokya ni Edgar, were in a successful North American tour a month ago.  For many of us from the outside looking in, it was a WOW thing.  It's like, "Wow!  Sarap nyo naman!  North American tour!" But what we do not know is how hard the life of an entertainer really is---show, travel, show, travel, show---barely able to rest and do anything else in order to fulfill the commitment to entertain.  Performing sick is part of the job hazard and as the entertainment saying goes, "The show must go on." 

Like Gloc9, Daiana Meneses is also living the seemingly glamorous life of an entertainer.  I saw her yesterday at the Bumper to Bumper Car Show and she seemed vibrant and accommodating amidst the suffocating mob of fans who either wanted her autograph or her picture.  I took a video of her and posted it on her Facebook wall to which she graciously replied to with a short "kwento" as to the sleepless days of touring the different parts of the country prior to the event.  

These are people who we envy and look up to.  However, their life is not all that glamorous as we thought it is.  They are dedicated people making a living.  Many of us are like this except that we're only famous in our own little circle.  If we are envious of their fame, many of them crave for the simple life away from the kleig lights and public scrutiny.  Well, we are dealt with different hands in this game of life.  How we react to what we have is a matter of ATTITUDE.

Gloc9 and Daiana are good examples of people who love their work and are willing to go beyond the call of duty to make good in their craft.  Not only are they entertainers but also role models worth emulating.

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