Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beware of this Text Scam

This afternoon I got a text from someone who I thought was my friend from abroad.  The first text was "Msta n kau dyn?e2 n new roaming # ko.d2 n kyo mgttxt.mlapit n xmas & new yr.advnce n lng s inyo lhat.bsta ingat lng kyo dyn plgi,alwys tkecare & godbles."  Since no name was specified, the logical next question would be to verify the identity of the person.  Well, if you happen to know someone from abroad who carries a roaming number, you'd naturally mention a name answerable by "yes" or "no".  An answer in the affirmative would then lead to a couple of the usual "kamustahan" and then comes the hook which is in a form of a business proposal.  The text would say, "Ung mga ksamahan k kc d2 ng su2dgest n mag benta daw ako ng prepaid crd d2 malaki kc ang 2bo ung 500 crd mbebenta k ng 2,500. Db ang laki ng 2bo kng gs2ubumili k jan ng prepaid crd kht ilan ako ang magbe2nta d2 sau n ang 2bo."  Sounds enticing doesn't it?  Here then is how this "business venture" is supposed to happen, " Mdli lng g2wn m0h bibili ka lng dyn smart prepaid crd at kpg nkbili kna send m0h lng skn ang pin # at aq na bhla mgbenta d2,ip2dla q rn agd sau ang pinagbenthn."  He would then want you to text back 5 Globe and 5 Smart Php 500 loads.  Truth be told, I almost fell into this trap.  What gave it away was the makulit nature of the texter.  After I said that I'll just text him later a follow up text every 30 minutes will bug you.  So to be sure that he really was the friend I thought him to I asked him his surname---that ended the charade.  The mobile number of this scammer is 09212939530.

So friends beware.  There are a lot of unscrupulous people around!

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Spiky said...

muntikan na rin MAGOYO nyan ang hipag ko. paniwalang paniwala na nanay nya yung nagtext sa kanya. magpadala na raw sya ng pera para makabili ng mga prepaid cards.

magpapadala na rin sana xa, buti na lang nandyan asawa nya at kapatid.


kaya beware talaga.

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