Wednesday, December 14, 2011

San Miguel Beer Premium: Lemon and Apple Flavor

Ever since I had a gout attack I have refrained from drinking beer so I guess I was kind of out of touch in terms of what the latest offering in terms of this beverage.  

I have been introduced to San Miguel Beer Premium by a friend and found it smooth and light (heavy on the kick though).  Of course, being "premium" it came with a hefty price and it's only served in select establishments.  Last night, I attended a Christmas party for a vendor at Dencio's Metrowalk.  They were serving beer and they carry San Miguel Beer Premium!  As I've mentioned---I try to veer away from drinking beer but this time a colleague offered me one that I just couldn't say no to.  Meet---San Miguel Beer Premium Lemon and Apple flavor!   It had less kick at 3% alcohol content, meaning, we can drink more that our usual limit and taste good too!  

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