Sunday, December 18, 2011

Californication Season 5

Ohhhhhhhh YEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!  Hank Moody is BACK!

After a long wait, Californication's Season 5 premiere is scheduled for January 8, 2012!  

Flashback to the previous season...
1.  He got slapped with a statutory rape charge.
2.  Got to bang his pretty attorney.
3.  Made a boy-toy by a pretty young actress.
4.  Overdoses and nearly dies.
5.  Sleep with more ladies in between.
6.  Goes back to screenwriting.
7.  Found guilty and sentenced to jail.
8.  Set free.
9.  Becomes the subject of a movie.
10. And sets off into the sunset.

For a while there I thought that it was the last season for Mr. Moody.  Good thing it's not and lucky me got an advance copy of episode 1!

So what's in store for the Hankster this season?  The season starts two years after Hank's sunset trip which landed him in New York.  Well, it's not going to be Californication if the setting is not in California would it?  So after another doomed relationship the Hankster got his ass back to the Golden State!  Surely another 12 episodes of his hedonistic adventures!


pr0j3ct mayh3m said...

Florida is the sunshine state. Cali is the golden state. Just sayin'.

Nonoy said...

thank you for the correction. much appreciated.